And So It Begins


Kyle and Chuck started out as neighbors. Enter wives Avery and Susan, and these neighbors quickly became friends. Dinners soon led to trips to Napa, then on to Italy. They had discovered a shared passion for wine. More than enjoying wine during a meal, there was a mutual appreciation for the stories of wine and the experiences of discovering those stories together. Unfortunately the frustration didn’t end there. Yes, storage was hard. But the real pain started before storage.

The vineyard tours in both Napa and Italy were priceless experiences. Yet receiving the wine purchased and shipped from those adventures was a royal pain. First, they had to be there when the wine was delivered. If they couldn’t make the schedule work, they had to arrange for someone else to receive it, someone who was at least 21 years old. Secondly, no matter how prepared they were with their in-home storage, there was always the hassle of making new exercise that included some danger to preserving the quality of the wine.

Kyle and Chuck lamented over how those burdens stole a piece of their joy in fully enjoying their collections. But lamenting soon gave way to an idea, an idea that got legs when Chuck said to Kyle, “let’s do something about it”.

So the two couples sat down to create a business. But it wasn’t enough to just open a storage business. They knew there needed to be something truly special for discerning connoisseurs. More than just a storage facility, Wine55 would be a gateway to peace of mind about their collections. It would represent the careful protection of their past and future experiences shared through their wine collections. It would represent a receiving, storage, and accessibility experience fit for a discerning connoisseur.

Now, Wine55 is real. Now, you too can experience the peace of mind that comes exclusively from the careful protection of your wine collection. Protect your future experiences. Protect your wine collection.

Your wine. Protected.


A principle is defined as a guiding sense of right conduct or management. As your wine collection is something of considerable value to you, it’s of paramount consideration that the people you entrust with that value operate with a clearly defined set of principles.

01) Customer lens

A commitment to, think, and deliver service first through your lens. That means, like your wine collection, your Wine55 experience is also of high value. And we too store our wine collections here!

02) integrity

While this principle seems to be an obvious expectation, sadly it is often not the case. Integrity is defined as soundness of moral character, something you can expect here when expecting careful protection of your wine collection.

03) authenticity

To be genuine means you get what’s real. That’s foundational to trust and being trustworthy. From receiving to storage to accessibility, what you see and hear about the careful protection of your wine collection is real.


Nice to meet you!