Your Wine. Protected.

As a true wine connoisseur, safely storing your collection is difficult. Refrigerators, cellars, and other storage facilities can rob you of fully enjoying your wine.

The right choice for safely protecting and caring for your collection is Wine55. 

Whether you choose to experience your wine soon, or allow it time to come into its own, the careful protection of your wine collection is essential to the best of experiences.






storage made simple

Before storage comes shipping and receiving. And that used to be harder than it should be. Not anymore. No more waiting around for the FedEx guy to show up with your shipment from the vineyard you recently visited. No more arranging family and friends to help. Just provide your name and the Wine55 address (13 Prestige Circle, Suite 140, Allen, Texas 75002) to the vineyard or store…and done.

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 Your Wine. Your Story.

Wine55 Team (1).png

Chuck looked at Kyle and said, “let’s do something about it”.

They started out as neighbors. Enter wives Avery and Susan, and these neighbors quickly became friends. Dinners soon led to trips to Napa, then on to Italy. They had discovered a shared passion for wine. More than enjoying wine during a meal, there was a mutual appreciation for the stories of wine and the experiences of discovering those stories together.

And while both couples were experienced collectors, for them, it was clear that they were in truth, connoisseurs. As connoisseurs, they also shared a frustration: the proper storage of their collections. While in-home cellars and refrigerators had purpose, they came with a burden in maintenance and space, especially as their collections grew. And because both couples had collections expanding beyond the confines of in-home storage, they had experience with outside storage facilities. But as they learned, whether in-home or third party, storage did not equal the careful protection of their collections. Click for the rest of the story.