Your Wine Investment. Protected.

While wine is an integral part of both the customer experience and your profitability as a business, safely storing your wine investment onsite can be difficult. Managing refrigerators, cellars, and other storage facilities are a distraction from the core of your retail business. Keep your focus while properly protecting your wine investment with Wine55.

The Perfect Fit.

Whether you have a small wine investment, large investment, or something in-between, select the storage solution that fits your wine inventory needs. From a single 12 case locker, to multiple 36 case lockers, to wine barrel storage, you can flex your storage needs to compliment your unique demand.

Experience Peace of Mind.

Your peace of mind matters. You can find that peace in Wine55 Receiving Services. Know that your wine inventory investment will be received with concierge care including a proper inventory and 24/7 visibility to it. Your value is in large part achieved by ensuring that all receiving activity occurs within the right environment. The right facility matters. With systemic redundancy, state-of-the-art technology, and a commitment to security, your wine inventory is treated like the investment it most certainly is.

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